Industrial Panel PC

IEI's rugged industrial panel PCs (PPC) all have reliable IP 65 aluminum front panels are suitable for the demands of harsh industrial environments. Powerful Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, Pentium® 4 and Pentium® M processor and AMD low power processor are integrated onto a wide range of feature-rich IEI embedded motherboards that drive the IEI industrial PPCs. Multi I/O and expansion capabilities enables you to interface your system with many external devices.

  • 6.5"~19" all-in-one panel PC
  • Robust and excellent heat dissipation aluminumhousing
  • Expansion slot: PCI/PCIe mini/PCMCIA/PCIe
  • Stand/Rack/Wall/Panel/ARM/Din mounting support
  • IP65 compliant waterproof front panel






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